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About Us 


Telli Recycling Ltd is a license WEEE recycler in the Republic of Cyprus.  We handle most of the Re-use waste in Cyprus with innovating procedures and processes. We also operate in Greece and Bulgaria through subsidiaries, strategic partnerships and agreements.
We leverage the latest technology and long term experience to provide a full range of services which are required to securely produce products from IT, Electrical, and Telecom Waste (WEEE) and produce products from it.
We are committed to work hard for our customers in order to simplify and improve their disposition processes. We provide our customers with peace of mind by providing comprehensive tracking and reporting systems. We are the chosen provider of many of the large corporations including Banks, Accounting & Auditing firms, Airlines, Software Houses, Utility Companies and many others.
We built a solution to your needs.



We have a long history in WEEE recycling, originating from USA. The company started processing WEEE since 1998, centering on Re-USE. In USA we worked with companies such as Ford Motors, Bank of American, Hewitt & Associates, and many more Fortune-500 Companies.  In Cyprus, we operate since 2005 and are working with the largest companies. In Greece and Bulgaria, we are operating since 2011 with focus on the corporate customers solutions.  Finally in 2012 we started the Reverse Logistics division that offers specialize solution to multinational corporations.


We are focusing on Information Technology (IT) recycling, Baking Recycling, Consumables Recycling, Cell Recycling, Data Sanitation, Donations, Employee Sales and Re-Deployments Handling and other vertical expansions.
Tellis’ expansion goal is to operate in southeast Europe without excluding other opportunities.  We are developing and expanding strategic partnerships that allow us to receive material for processing locally or have it transported to our Cyprus refurbishment/recycling facility.




Physical  Address:
Kiniras 4C, Idustrial Zone Geri-Dali
CY2235, Nicosia, Cyprus

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PO Box 12832, Latsia,  CY2253
Nicosia, Cyprus