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Fund Raising


Telli offer a unique opportunity to non-profit organizations to increase their funding by helping the recycling of obsolete or broken devices.  We offer these services across our operations.
How it works
Notify your members and corporate friends about NPFR. Telli will handle all logistics, Printing, and operations. You collect the assets; we evaluate and pay you the pre agreed value.
Telli will provide all the marketing material you may need to promote the initiative.
Assets we are collecting
At present time we are collecting under non-profit fund raising laptops and game consoles. Other items may be added later.


Telli Recycling Ltd can be partner in redeployment and donation preparation. Our processes allow us to repair damaged equipment at low cost and return them back to your organization or to your favorite non for profit organization.
Sometimes budget cuts, standardization, specialized equipment forces you to repair in used equipment for redeployment within the company. Telli can be your partner on all levels or repairs including Microelectronic (e.g. Chipset replacement), Electrical (e.g. Capacitors), and Software reinstallation.
Telli can be your partner in donations preparation. Since we run a production facility we can cut your cost for donation preparation to about 50%. 





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